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What is Addiction Poetry?

Addiction Poetry is a content community for addicts.

We publish poetry, short stories, essays and artwork created by addicts.

Submission is open to the public and encouraged regardless of prior publishing experience.

Our goal is to publish as many pieces as we can, encouraging addicts to express themselves and supporting the countless individuals currently suffering from addiction to alcohol, narcotics, gambling, pornography, or any other harmful activity.

Cofounded by two recovering addicts in 2019, the mission of Addiction Poetry is to inspire, educate, entertain, enlighten, and encourage current and recovering addicts in our battle against the disease inside of us.

We believe in the power of self-expression as a means of facing and overcoming addiction.

We believe in the power of community as a vital asset in this lifelong battle we call addiction.

We believe in the power of God (or a Higher Power) to deliver us from addiction and then share our testimony with the rest of the world.

If you are an addict who needs immediate attention to your disease, please seek help immediately. Addiction Poetry will be here when you get back.

Check out our Resources page for various programs and clinics that can help.

No matter what you are facing, you can beat it. You’re worth it.

Thank you for finding us. God bless you and the millions facing addiction around the world.

Your Friends at Addiction Poetry,

Henry and Ghostwriter

Mission Statement

So many lives now hang in the balance for those suffering from substance addiction.

The world of an addict is an isolated prison. A lonely and devastating existence. offers a chance to break through that wall of separation.

This website will provide strength and inspiration for those in addiction and recovery to discover what others in their position experience. gives addicts a digital voice and online outreach to communicate through the venue of creative expression.

As seen in the work published here, the lines between right and wrong can easily blur. Tragedy and sadness play a large part in this world – yet humor ironically has its place. offers one consistent and constant message to everyone affected by addiction and recovery – the possibility to always heal.

Website Disclaimer is a non-profit website. All staff members are volunteers and do not receive a salary. They are not compensated in any way for time and efforts – and actually pay out-of-pocket for cost and expenditures incurred for the publishing and upkeep of

Its sole purpose is to give those affected by substance abuse and recovery a platform to reach out to others in the same situation. There is truly strength in numbers and no one going through addiction and recovery should do this alone. does not endorse or align itself with any 12 step recovery programs or methodologies. It does not advocate or represent any religious or medical substance abuse program organizations, paradigms and treatment centers.

There is terminology and ideas that parallel other substance abuse treatments and recovery resources published on this website. This is merely coincidence and does not cite or refer to those particular comparisons intentionally.

This website offers no theories or explanations for the causes of addiction – medical or otherwise. does not morally judge those suffering or living in the throes of substance addiction.

The ideas expressed in submitted writing and artwork are those of the author and/or artist. does not endorse or advocate any ideas and interpretations implied in these submitted works.