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Submission Guidelines

This website reserves all rights to publish submitted work as it sees fit. It reserves the rights to all publishing decisions.

No submitted written work will be published without correct formatting, syntax and rules of grammar.

This website will not publish or display content that advocates violence towards oneself or others.

It will not publish any work glorifying or romancing drug and alcohol abuse.

It will not publish content of a pornographic nature.

All decisions are final.

All work will require authorship/artist signatures that do not include any names or nicknames to preserve anonymity. Any names of people and places will automatically disqualify publishing a submission.

Illustration and Artwork

Any written work without an illustration will be provided by our art department. Submitting a written work without an illustration automatically authorizes permission for to provide one.

Any written submitted poems or short stories can include visual artwork that satisfy the following criteria:

1) Feature picture above written work:

  • Recommended Size: 1000 x 500 pixels
  • Required Format: jpg or jpeg

2) Submitted Artwork for Art Gallery:

  • Recommended Size: 1000 x 500 pixels
  • Required Format: jpg or jpeg
  • Resolution for Photographed Artwork: Highest Setting

No copyrighted or royalty required images will be published.

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