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    Feelings It’s November 18. I have just left detox facility for at least the fourth time. I’ve been to rehab six

    What is a Recovery Journey? It's both an individual story of your personal journey from addiction to recovery and a communal story that relates to the

    Author: Samuel W. Asselstine I wait for her as the sun rises high, She is not here, I see her from afar, She is

    We Can Be Victorious Editor's note: All  sources for this Personal Journey has been omitted to protect the annonymity of the

    Creativity Can Play an Important Role in Addiction Recovery A novelist in recovery said he believed drinking made him a better

    Equilibrium, Truth, and Hope: What It's Like to Be a Writer in Recovery We speak to four accomplished writers about their writing

    The Power of Imagination in Psychotherapy Therapy emphasises the importance of exploring our minds, seeking truth or clarity and uncovering our past.

    Tennessee Williams, F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Cheever, Carver, Berryman… Six giants of American literature – and all addicted to alcohol.

    a simple ritual - for mary A simple ritual that makes it go away. its just a simple ritual. i take the thought and put it

    MY JOURNEY THROUGH ADDICTION In my addiction, I was a liar. My only goal then was how to get higher. Numbing out thoughts

    Hopelessness in Alcoholism This isn’t going as I planned It’s like I’m racing through quick sand Too proud to call out for a

    My Childhood I remember when I was about four or five, Making up dances, felt so alive. Sleep overs often, I had friends

    One of my favorite writers of all-time was an underrated talent behind the likes of Parks and Recreation, Eastbound and

    When Wolf Parade sang, "I keep my head up tight. I make my plans at night. And I don't sleep,

    Every addict is an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. I’m no different. The first flight had been cancelled. Two hours before

    Bright age of 16, year 11 ahead them gcses staring down at me im dead poppin pillies like they were harmless but struggled with