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    I was just a little kid when you entered my world. I remember the first time I saw you, heard

    Author: Tricia L. There is an ACHE a heavy-hearted feeling, I cannot equate anything to… A shadow of sadness behind my smile as I

    By Leslie Cappiello His death. Unexpected and sudden. Happy and grounded he seemed at this stage in his life at thirty

    Author: Torious W. Aspirations of a better life, one without drugs and alcohol, one without strife. Spirits high, heart in the

    Creativity Can Play an Important Role in Addiction Recovery A novelist in recovery said he believed drinking made him a better

    Equilibrium, Truth, and Hope: What It's Like to Be a Writer in Recovery We speak to four accomplished writers about their writing

    Tennessee Williams, F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Cheever, Carver, Berryman… Six giants of American literature – and all addicted to alcohol.

    The Power of Imagination in Psychotherapy Therapy emphasises the importance of exploring our minds, seeking truth or clarity and uncovering our past.

    The Spirit Author: Adrian P. He is Here. With me In my place of Peace? He is Here With me Through the most ‘devil’ Of Nights. He is here In comfort With me In addiction. And Utter Depression. He is here

    Author: Megan K. Sober Struggle Down I fall, It grips me tighter. My soul forgot, That I’m a fighter. It hides until I’m Idle thinking. I thought it

    Author: Chris G. Gonna be a problem. From the second you entered my body, And swept through like a warm soothing wave. I knew

    Author: Sam M. We meet again my vicious friends

    On a given day, I might take 70 mg of Adderall to stay alert, focused, and energized for the duration

    When Sorority Noise sang, "Just last week, I slept 8 hours total. I barely sleep." I felt that. Back when I

    Every addict is an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. I’m no different. The first flight had been cancelled. Two hours before

    I was never high enough. My body defied odds of survival. A regular EF5 tornado. He was my treatment center roommate