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    Hell no and Heaven Yes!!!  I may learn every aspect of life the hard way, but if I may

    Thanks to Jodie G. for submitting this piece. So, I woke up today (my usual cheerful self in the mornings🥴), letting

    While drunk and high on heroin, I caused a major accident on a busy interstate

    By: Richard "Shane" Johnson Nowhere to be, free as I want. It’s either a dream, a realm, Or could even be my hell! Just

    Creativity Can Play an Important Role in Addiction Recovery A novelist in recovery said he believed drinking made him a better

    Tennessee Williams, F Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Cheever, Carver, Berryman… Six giants of American literature – and all addicted to alcohol.

    The Power of Imagination in Psychotherapy Therapy emphasises the importance of exploring our minds, seeking truth or clarity and uncovering our past.

    Equilibrium, Truth, and Hope: What It's Like to Be a Writer in Recovery We speak to four accomplished writers about their writing

    Author: Christopher Martinez Don’t judge me It’s funny how they think they got a right to speak Save it for your speech can’t

    Author: Jessica McClintock We survive in the dark shadows of night Trying to run from our internal curse Hiding our pain with the

    Author: Leslie Cappiello I see your scars they’re not hidden from me. Others do not know The grief you’ve been dragging… No matter how much you

    Author: Justin A. Curmi I: A Cheap Flight  Floral containing sandwich-ziploc bag of parched mind-altering substance; urging  to be inhaled through an inferno drag       while

    One of my favorite writers of all-time was an underrated talent behind the likes of Parks and Recreation, Eastbound and

    On a given day, I might take 70 mg of Adderall to stay alert, focused, and energized for the duration

    Every addict is an egomaniac with an inferiority complex. I’m no different. The first flight had been cancelled. Two hours before

    When Wolf Parade sang, "I keep my head up tight. I make my plans at night. And I don't sleep,