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An Outsider’s Love

This image portrays An Outsider's Love by Addiction Poetry.

An Outsider’s Love by David Barnes

Though the world may judge you by your cracks, yet failing to understand,

That your beauty of character was created by how you were made whole again.

Your recovery occurred not by changing who you were, but rather by a life
that would be regained,

By changing your relationship to who you had become.

Because, for a fundamental part is honoring how you feel.

At times in your darkest moments you remarked you were actually too afraid to heal,

Because your identity was centered around the trauma you experienced.

The pain was all too real.

At first you had no idea who you were and that was terrifying.

Yet you never forget how far  you had come.

All the times you pushed on when you felt you couldn’t.

The desire to escape from yourself and run.

Yet, every morning you got out of your bed no matter how hard it was.

You came through another day.

You realised life was too short to spend another day at war at this time only with yourself.

In some way, YOU NEVER FORGOT how much STRENGTH and COURAGE you had gained.

This beautiful piece of once broken pottery called YOU.

Pieced carefully back together.

I SEE IN YOU NOT THE APPEARANCE OF broken pottery called YOU.


Only a BEAUTIFUL form made whole by the courage and determination in moving forward continuously to renew.



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