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Author: Christopher Martinez

Don’t judge me

It’s funny how they think

they got a right to speak

Save it for your speech

can’t even show me What’s right

Getn gone all day barely getn thru night

Actin like everythings fine

Tryna catch me in a slip

Addiction trying to take minds

Hoping today isnt the day that I get got

While my kids waitin at the bus stop

feeling like he forget

fighting all alone

For everything seems lost

They yelling he’s never come home

do everything he can

auto pilot feeling numb

Bendin life tryna get to the top

no time to think Your Modern day robot

Remember the count can’t fuck up now

never break never sleep

Blowin cloud after cloud

Barely able to breathe

I hope you don’t know what it’s like

having starving mouths to feed

And understand what I mean

When I say this ain’t your day to eat

Mentally physically

killed my self for a lie

the sake of what we call love

Pretending you couldn’t see

Had me Lookin like John Pomfrey

When I was there for you , acting like you couldn’t see

Now you lookin down at me

While you up there smiling

My mind six feet under

starring at the clouds

Waiting on something that’s never comin down

Swearin to eternity

She was the one

Look at me now

Tell me if you had a second chance

Would you come back

Continue what we had

once again would I be your last

If you had a  machine

Would you go back in time

to tell you love me , just to let me know it’s deeper than the ocean

tell me was it worth overdosin

wishing it was all dream

Would still do anything

Just to see for a second

No matter what it is your dealing with in life

Just don’t judge me

For its not what you do

It’s how you do

So do you

The perfectly imperfect

Author: Christopher Martinez Don’t judge me It’s funny