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Author: Megan K.

Sober Struggle

Down I fall,

It grips me tighter.

My soul forgot,

That I’m a fighter.

It hides until I’m

Idle thinking.

I thought it stopped,

When I stopped drinking.

But it lurks around,

The corner store.

It doesn’t strike,

Until it’s sure.

That every piece,

Is set in place.

To distract me from,

My new found faith.

To remind me that,

It’s here to stay.

No matter how

I choose to pray.

This deamon will not

Leave my side.

But I’ll never run

Away to hide.

Behind the booze,

Or a drug house chair.

God will show me,

He is there.

Falling on my

Bended knees.

They say the bad

Will come in threes.

I’ve counted more,

Throughout my time.

I think God thought,

I needed nine.

These sober days

Have filled my soul.

A diamond made,

From pressured coal.

Rough days come,

I lose my sight.

If I reach out,

He’ll shine a light.

I’ll follow it,

And find my way.

My God is Love,

Amen, I pray.


Author: Megan K. Sober Struggle Down I fall, It grips

Author: Ron H.

Excuse me, but I think someone needs to be in charge here.

Who needs to be in charge?

If I knew that I wouldn’t have asked you.

In charge of what?

Not in charge of what. In charge of who.

You think “someone” needs to be in charge of who, exactly?

In charge of me.

Oh. Why is that? Are you disturbed?

To be honest sometimes I am. I’m a recovering addict.

That sounds like a good thing.

Oh, it is, but someone needs to be in charge. You’re part of me, so I thought you could remind me who that is.

That’s right, you’re right; I am part of you. Sorry, slipped my mind. I know the answer. Our higher power is in charge of our recovery.

Of course, right you are. We say, “Not my will, but thy will be done.”

That’s it, yes! You’ve got it, or, we’ve got it now. Good show.

Alright then. Well, thank you.

You’re very welcome. Glad to help.

I just needed to talk to someone.

No bother at all. Keep coming back.

Author: Ron H. Excuse me, but I think