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So many ppl around me are now deceased but i still managed to crawl into the belly of the beast ive lost my best friend to it and even my love and im lucky myself to not be sent up above they question to why i still followed this path well if u have the answer plz tell me bc i cant do the math maybe it was my mom who always made it seem to fun she seduced me with the habit every drug under the sun when i lost my loved ones i was left broken and bent for some reason im still standing must of never been meant The uncomfortable skin constant cold sweats one min on top the next buried in debts the ripping and tearing my family apart made me come to my senses pray for a new start i wont blame my mother she only wanted to keep us together and deep down i know im wired tp love her no matter the weather to wake up withdrawl free from dope really makes me appreicate living and fills me with hope So now its my time to shine like a star but first i must surrender to the evil black tar i know she owes me too but for my mom i. Have amends and ill stay headstrong and sober for my unfortunate friends Theirs a reason god let me stay walking this earth ill prove to them my ability to change and my worth so today is the day i lay all my beast to rest bc if not id lose myself again and have the heart ripped out my chest

So many ppl around me are now