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By Tiffany Lace

Hello i am addiction,

I am also your all time low,

Im to blame for loved ones to leave you.

But by choosing me you must have want them to go.

Ive caused you so much trouble I’ve damn near destroyed your life.

Im more than whats behind the meaning of living and dying by the knife.

You see now you have no value nor the strength to make a drink im the reason your self worths demolished because of me you cannot think…

Makes me wonder why you haven’t left me yet like i made my all your loved ones leave you, or if your contemplating suicide the devils wins the battle for you..

Some people pay to go to rehab other people go to jail …

But even there you will crave me while all alone living in your little cell..

Your family they need you no holiday with out you is the same they never see you smile and my name is addiction so pick me to place them.

By Tiffany Lace Hello i am addiction, I am