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Called an Old Friend (A True Story That Just Happened)

This image portrays Called an Old Friend (A True Story That Just Happened) by Addiction Poetry.

Round 7:35pm Mountain Standard Time

I called an old friend.

One of my best friends from law school.

Ain’t spoken in 5-6 odd years.

We’d had a falling out.

He was on Xanax and alcohol.

When he tried to kiss my girlfriend

Right in front of me.

The next day, he refused to apologize.

We lost touch soon after.

Both of us had been law school black sheep.

The underachievers.

We had a kinship in that way.

He’d been a good friend for the most part.

And I felt compelled to reach out tonight.

So we spent 45 minutes on the phone

Catching up.

He’d just gotten back from an AA meeting

As it turned out.

And had purposefully cut off most of his old ties.

The recovering alcoholic that he was.

But today, it had just so happened

that I and another long lost friend,

who was also in AA

had reached out on the same day.

To check in and see how he was.

This is how I know.

That God exists.

He enters our thoughts.

Steers our actions.

Then steps back and says


And I thank Him for old friends.


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