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This image portrays Merry-Go-Round by Addiction Poetry.

They sit in circles every morning and talk.
Over-medicated minds that desperately
need to love themselves.

Good morning. How was everyone’s weekend?

I need to see my case manager right away.
I really don’t belong here.

How come we can’t choose which movie we go to on Saturdays?

I want to get a cup of coffee.
I try to drink at least fifteen
cups a day to stay awake.
It’s decaf but stale decaf turns into regular…right?

My dad calls me a loser and says there is no hope for me.
My mom never says anything.

My parents never come to visit
and they live ten minutes from here.

My mom comes every week and
drives away crying.

When my parents visit they just buy me stuff.
Next time I’m gonna burn it all in front of them.

My grandmother comes to visit me.
She is 92.
The last time I lived with her I drank bourbon
and swallowed her whole bottle of sleeping pills.

My dad is awesome.
He taught me how to shoot up.

I call my parents every weekend
and tell them I am
getting better because that’s what
they want to  hear.

I’m graduating. Today is my last day!


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