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addiction recovery

Recovery is harder than getting clean
being sick is a place that, I have been
but being recovered well,
that’s new to me

How do you deal?
how do you deal?
how do you deal,
with how you feel?

With anxiety
the thoughts of the drug
make me run
to the washroom
why does that excite me?

Been down this road before
not a hurdle I wanna jump through anymore
been gone so far
thought I couldn’t return

Did I lose all parts good of me,
and the parts you yearn?
tell me why with my first mistake,
didn’t I learn?

Recovery it’s part of me
I live it everyday
I just wanted you to know
I get through it day by day

Recovery is here to stay
it’s harder than you think
but it’s worth every minute for me
not to pick up that drink
or take that pill

Nights felt like dying
nights that felt unreal
but back at it again
only to make the same mistake

Thank God for recovery
and everyday it makes me live
without it,
I wouldn’t have this writing gift to give.

© Janelle Erin Elizabeth Peters All rights reserved

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