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Author: E. Goodwin

When the sesh ends and your heart starts to shake
The high has gone, oh no, for goodness sake
We’ve all ran out of money and no one will tick
Reality kicks in, we begin to feel sick
We need that feeling of euphoria, when the pain is numbed
Anyone knows we will always be succumbed
When the sesh ends and your heart starts to shake
Only in time others and your heart will break
When the come down kicks in and you want to die
Your anxiety takes control, no more of that high
When you act out of character and send that unkind message
Get thoughts in ya head that are of a paranoid wreckage
You feel lonely in a crowded room, don’t trust ya friends
Convince yourself this is a phase but it never ends
When you feel shame, hatred and remorse for yourself
And constantly worry about your physical and mental health
Another guy in your town has died
Another one you used to hang with, his hands now tied
Too many sleepers caused a seizure in his sleep
My life suddenly flashes before my eyes, life becomes so bleak
I look at my life and how I try to change
Addiction brought us down these bad lanes
Can we ever break these vicious chains?
When the sesh ends and your heart starts to shake… your life goes on, keep going, don’t break.


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