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Sorry To Me


Author: Andrew N.

Tears reunite with my cheeks once again
Just as the dark clouds above start to rain
It Felt as if God was their crying with me
I felt he was close yet my eyes couldn’t see

A man wearing red who looked my age but no older
Comes over to me and puts his arm round my shoulder
Before he could speak I just broke down and cried
As if I had found out that morning a loved one just died

He spoke not a word and just lent a kind ear
Making me feel that thy father was near
I suddenly realised, I was grieving you see
The person who died was none other than me

I was mourning the loss of a man in good health
and took shelter in seeking a life of false wealth
as gold turned to copper and patience to fear
the mountain to climb for forgiveness was sheer

ive never said sorry for letting you down
for not sending a lifeboat when you started to drown
I let your broad shoulders carry more than its fair load
Stopped your lips from saying you’re about to explode

Your children were left with a shell of a man
A dad that just didn’t do all that he can
I buried Your hurt and kept it deep down inside
And I picked the wrong people for you to confide

Why did I let weakness walk in through the door
And then let you think you could deal with some more
You broke so many walls down which I quickly rebuilt
But each one I made higher adding anger and guilt

Whilst death in mortality can’t be erased and undone
I know you’ll come back once more from that place past the sun
When we’re united there is no turning back
I promise I’ll always help you loosen the slack

Ill save you from drowning and be your strength when you’re weak
I will unlock your lips forever letting you speak
I’ll give your energy back and desires to care
You’ll gain the trust of your kids to know you’ll always be there

When self doubt comes knocking I’ll never open the door
Ill shut all the windows and the curtains will draw
I’ll show you the lessons you’ve learned through the pain
And each time you fall I’ll pick u up again

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