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This image portrays Stars by Addiction Poetry.

Those who don’t survive will
shatter into fragments.
They will scatter into the heavens and
become sad stars in the sky.

He talked to me about getting it right this time.

A ten year-old girl back home.

He slips off the reservation in the early dawn.

He comes to the downtown area.

He turns down a side street.

It is never hard to find.

America. Land of plenty.

He spikes and turns blue and purple.

An ambulance arrives.

They stabilize him at the hospital.

He is released in the afternoon.

Ready to try again.

A moth to the flame.

The next morning we load
into the van.

We are on the way to the treatment center.

They do a head count and realize he is missing.

We arrive to find his body in front of the door.

Another star.


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