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addiction poetry

“Started recreational/Ended kinda medical.

Came on hot and soft/And then it tightened up its tentacles.

– The Hold Steady

Addiction is a disease of the mind.

A spiritual disease.

One that robs you of dignity, autonomy, and sanity.

It infiltrates, destroys, and rebuilds you.

Into a mockery of your true self.

It makes fools of those who love you and care about you.

The beauty of it, though,

Is the way God uses addiction.

He is infinitely more brilliant than the forces that create it.

As ugly as addiction is –

God makes the recovery process 10X as beautiful.

Using human beings in recovery

As shining beacons of what life can be like

Lived right.

In touch with a Higher Power.

Experiencing the joy of life

In its restorative, infinite beauty.


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