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This image portrays Addiction by Addiction Poetry.

Author: Chris J.

It’s so easy to slip back-to the way I used to think-when I was consumed with self-and the drugs and the drink-denying that voice-that you hear in your gut-then with eyes wide open-slip back into that rut-of complacency and procrastination-self–loathing and depression-the poor me syndrome-the denial and oppression-this disease of addiction-never takes a rest-if you don’t stay on top of it-it will show you who’s best-but I know what I’m doing-you keep telling yourself-as you slip away from your God-and put it up on a shelf-and there it waits patiently-watching you spin out of control-until you fall to your knees-your will again has taken its toll-and then if you’re lucky-and didn’t end up dead-you’ll start listening for that voice-and get out of your head-and pull your God off that shelf-and let it back in your gut-to love and guide you-and lift you out of that rut-so you can live your truth-and be productive again-for self and mankind-with your God till the end- and count your blessings-no matter how few-for there are others worse off-but for the grace of your God-it could be you!



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