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This image portrays Addiction by Addiction Poetry.

Author: Chris J.

Us drunks and addicts-can at times be naive-this disease of addiction-lets us look but not see-the reality we live in-each and everyday-this disease loves fantasy-and it likes to play-with our minds and emotions-our hearts and our souls-it just patiently waits-it has no other goals-but to breed chaos in our lives-every chance that it gets-to fill us with more pain-heartaches and regrets-and just when you think-that you got this thing beat-it throws you a curve ball-and sweeps you right off your feet-and starts your mind to racing-and your emotions to churn-your heart to breaking and your soul to burn-then you think of that drug-or maybe that drink-if I only have one-I won’t have to think-about anything or anyone-today or tomorrow-I can just sit and wallow-in self–pity and sorrow-why doesn’t anyone understand-I’m perfect can’t they see-everything would be alright-If everyone was more like me-there isn’t a thing-that I can’t do-I’m perfect in everything-bummer to be you-and the longer I stay-in this unhealthy state-I get further and further-away from my fate-of getting closer to my God-as I possibly can-and start reaching out-to my fellow man-and get out of me-and my sick mind-so serenity and peace-I might find!



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