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My God and Me

beyond high

Author: Chris J.

There was a time-when I was dead-I couldn’t get things straight-In my clouded head-the booze and pills-the hash and weed-really was what-I didn’t need-It robs you of everything-true and real-your thoughts and ideals-what you honestly feel-It breaks your heart-It steals your goals-It crushes your spirit-and robs your soul-It takes your wife-and your children too-It takes it all-and leaves nothing for you-It takes everything good-and turns it bad-and it leaves you thinking-about the things you had-then you reach a point-of total despair-you’re sitting on a bridge-your life is hanging by a hair-you sit there thinking-I’m such a clod=hold on there-came the word from my God-it lifted me up-from my perch so high-and softly told me-you’re to young to die-give me your love-your faith and hope-and I’ll cleanse you off-that ugly dope-come follow me-and I’ll show you the way-to live life to the fullest-each and everyday-just trust in me-and I’ll be there-but I don’t think I can help you-with your vanishing hair-and everything else-that happens along I’ll take you through-like the beat of a song-we’ll go up and down-through good and bad-and I’ll bring to light-all the good things you had-I’ll show you love-like you’ve never seen-I’ll make you whole-like you’ve never been-I’ll show you the way-to a better life-instead of the bitterness loneliness and strife-I’ll bring you back-to your loved ones to-this I promise-I’ll do it all for you-Just believe in me-and don’t despair-and we’ll see what we can do-about your vanishing hair-so one and all-I have to say to you-believe in your God-and it will show you too!



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