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Between the You and Me

Between You and Me

Author: Leslie Cappiello

I see your scars

they’re not hidden

from me.

Others do not know

The grief you’ve been dragging…

No matter how much you try

The covering of a smile

Cements the fragility of your heart

The heart that beats in time

With the man/child you lost.


I know you’ve been living

In shadows of who you

Once were…


A towering tree

Roots long and wide

Reduced to dried tubers

Mixed with summer and winter

Emotions fall

into barren soil

The wounds of “what ifs”

cruelly crush the spring


The dead tree gives no shelter


Dry bones will not rise

fragments of vines – the wreath of grief sealed in this life.


Love that was and will always be

You, my son, live in me.


I am the scar that only you can see.

Blowing in the wind

Bending into what was

And will never be.


I live in the shadowland


Between the rains of winter and summer

Until we meet again.


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