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My possession is depression

depression addiction

My possesion is depression

making me unable
to move
get up, well
get dressed then!
so obsessed
with no obsession
by nothing
but it’s truly a mountain
so dramatic
I feel
when I fall into depression
slipping away
feeling num
but always feeling too much emotion
empty but way too overloaded
anxiety comes with it
and makes me worry
worry about nothing
and mood changes fast
agitated, irritated and,
quickly overstimulated
the light that was there yesterday
some how today has faded
why ?
just go away
thoughts in my head
begging you to stay
so I can just curl up
and roll away
under my covers
a bottomless abyss
oh how I wish
it didn’t feel like this

© Janelle Erin Elizabeth Peters
all rights reserved 2020


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